I Love You and I Like You, Parks and Rec

pnrParks and Recreation is currently my favorite show on television. Of course, it’s not Lost which will rest as number one in my heart for all of eternity and even when my soul carries on after I die or whatever you believe. BUT Parks and Rec is up there. I’m a fan of The Office as well, both the works of creator Greg Daniels, but I honestly prefer Parks and Rec. There’s something about the dynamic of the characters that makes me appreciate each and every one of them, while the interactions that take place at Dunder Mifflin, INC. almost make me DISlike each and every character. With every new episode, I find myself questioning why I don’t work at City Hall! Then again, when I was addicted to Zoey 101 in the seventh grade, I was convinced I belonged at a boarding school (I was wrong, they don’t let you go to the beach and drink smoothies all day at real boarding schools).

Last week’s episodes (we were lucky enough to get a full hour of P&R this week!) “Leslie and Ben” and “Corespondent’s Lunch” were aired on February 21. “Leslie and Ben” was the second part of a “To Be Continued..” where they spontaneously decide to get married right after the Galla Event they planned for the infamous Lot 48. The first part of the episode series had me smiling from cheek to cheek, so you can only imagine how the actual wedding scene got me going. The flashback scenes of all of Leslie and Ben’s cutest interactions and intimate kisses brought (an ocean of) tears to my eyes. They’re my favorite TV couple, how could I not give them the proper affection? It was great how in the beginning of the episode, Ben sykes Leslie out by claiming he needs her to take his last name, and that the feminist that she is cannot keep her own last name. As 75% feminist myself, I freaked out and then freaked out even more when it was cute joke. Ben is such a heartthrob.

The scenes with Ron also made my heart strings do a little dance. No matter how cold he acts, we all know how much Ron loves Leslie as a person and a friend. I think it’s so important that the show focuses on relationships between characters that are not just love interests. Unfortunately, too much romance can take the realistic-ness out of a lot of TV shows, movies, and books. Parks and Rec does a great job of portraying a real-ness to Ben and Leslie’s chemistry, but also the real-ness of Leslie and Ron’s, Leslie and Ann’s, and even Tom and Donna’s friendships.

The episode following the big marriage brought the show right back into its flow, with a regular episode regarding a “roast” for the government officials and the media of Pawnee. Leslie does her thing and calls out the reporter from The Pawnee Sun (with the help of the experienced Donna) in public for e-mail hacking Knope all week long.

I figured I’d start off my pop culture blog with a quick post about one of my favorite TV shows. I’ll be posting frequently about different films, shows, books, music, and celebrities that bring out urgent opinions in my pop culture palette, along with a few posts every now and again on just being a student with such interests in Philadelphia.

Catch new episodes of Parks and Rec on NBC Thursdays at 8:30/7:30c, or catch up with seasons 1-4 instantly on the higher power I like to call Netflix.

Have a good one and oh, make sure you stay away from this guy..tumblr_mdmgz0BFxq1qb2npgo1_500

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