Zumba It Off


imagesSo I decided to truly madly deeply jump into the Zumba life. And boy, do I love my decision. I went to classes a couple times this week at the university gym, and it already feels like the perfect fit into my workout schedule. I workout everyday, but an extra hour of dancing (simply for fun) barely feels like I’m even trying!

I didn’t realize how similar Zumba was to your average hip hop/jazz class. I danced all throughout my childhood, but slowly stepped away from weekly classes as I grew up. Dancing will always have a place in my heart, whether it be choreography or just me having a blast alone in my room. Zumba has allowed me to get back to doing the number one thing I miss in my life!

The music of Zumba also took me by surprise. Now, I know the music depends on the instructor but right from the get-go, I really enjoyed the energy and song choices of the instructor of my first class, so I stuck with her. The Zumba songs were indeed centralized around Latin culture (as textbook definition) but remixes and even a few Billboard hits made their way into the routine. The music peps you up and makes you want to keep fighting for a better body and a better you.

I strongly suggest everyone (even boys who will claim it’s “awkward”) to take a local Zumba class. It’ll leave you feeling fresh, productive, sexy, and lead you right on the path to the best showers of your life. I’m hoping that once I have the summer body of my dreams, all I’ll have to say to explain is “I did A LOT of Zumba.”

You may be wondering why I’m posting about Zumba, but I’ve decided to make Lifestyle an additional focus for my blog. I figure it will fall well with my student life posts. Enjoy!

Check out this video from Hull College if you want to see Zumba before you throw on your jazz shoes:

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