There’s Something About Tea


Tea is so calming. I know that’s the whole point, but not every product out there lands its point. Whenever I’ve had an even slightly distressing minute/hour/day, I make a cup of tea. For starters, the action of using a mug is comforting. It reminds me of the warm times in life, I mean that literally and figuratively. Plus, there’s so many mugs out there. More people should collect mugs because they are exceptionally precious. I have two mugs that are dear to me. One, which I got as a gift over the holidays, is porcelain-esque with light pink floral all over it and a cursive “a” at the top. My mom has the same one in purple with a “j” for Jayne, considering tea and my mother and I go way back (that’s a story to come.) My second meaningful mug is here at school with me and is quite simple. It’s white with the image of a pen hitting paper, clearly inspiring the writer that creeps around my heart and soul. Childish mugs are even fun. I know as a fact that the Disney store has some seriously cute ones (hint hint, need a gift idea?) with all of your favorite prince and princesses. For the holidays one year, I bought my best friend a mug with the image of Belle from Beauty and the Beast reading and “Virgo” across the top. We’re into the magic of astrology. I know as a fact that she still uses this mug today.

Here’s the quick anecdote about tea and my mother and I. My mother has a cup of tea every single morning right when she wakes up. Just like any ritual, without it, she is lost without a cause until she gets that tea in her system. So when I was younger, I would help my mother make her tea. She would boil the water because that was back when “stay away from the stove” existed, but I’d place the teabag in her mug, and add the perfect amount of sugar and milk. I mastered my mother’s perfect cup of tea for some time. Ironically, I do not prefer milk in my tea, and I like to use honey, which was never a thing in my household growing up. See, even this sweet little story about tea makes me all warm and fuzzy inside!

There’s also just certain songs you listen to when you have a cup of tea. No, it’s not Ozzy Osbourne. It’s fuzzy feelings songs, like Bon Iver, City and Colour, or the like. Songs that soon become background noise because you suddenly become lost in thought. Everything revolving around the act of drinking tea can be described with the word “quaint.”

Here’s my favorite calming City and Colour track:

My favorite tea right now is Yogi’s Stress Relief. I like to try out all the foods and beverages that claim to relieve stress or inject happiness into your system to see if it’s a bunch of hullabaloo. This tea is not hullabaloo. My cousin bought it and the very first time I had it, I was amazed. I felt so relaxed and at ease. It was as if the tea itself had reminded me to take a deep breath and focus on what’s important. All of the packets even have the most inspirational messages on them, so it’s a good idea to leave them hanging on your cup. It’s an even better idea to keep the teabag in your tumbler when you go to class, so you can have a pretty little reminder that you’ll make it through the day. I made a cup of this tea before I went off to study tonight, and mine said “those who live in the past limit your future.” It’s like it knows me! Also, it doesn’t hurt that it’s the best-tasting tea I’ve ever had.

Tea goes well with facial masks. I’m about to get real girly, but these are the two things I do when I need to take a step back. After a long day, a facial mask feels like a fresh start, a (literally) clean you. Tea is the liquid form that can do just that, for men and women alike without embarrassing gook all over your face (hehe).

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