Washed Out ‘Paracosm’

Released: August 13, 2013 // Sub Pop Records // Genre: Dream pop – Chillwave – Lo-fi

Paracosm noun; a prolonged fantasy world invented by children; can have a definite geography and language and history.

Washed Out. One of those artists where you are crucified if you refer to him as a “them” because you simply didn’t know any better. If you don’t think you know Washed Out, you probably do thanks to the Portlandia theme song.

With the release of the successful ‘Life of Leisure EP’ in 2010 and his first full-length, ‘Within And Without,’ in 2011 – Washed Out is back with this second full-length two years later, centralizing around the theme of escape, making ‘Paracosm’ a no-brainer choice for the album title.

  1. Entrance – It’s a bit obvious that ‘Paracosm’ would have an intro track. “Entrance” very movie soundtrack-esque: simple, sweet, lovely, and essential as background music. It surely sets the tone that the album is relevant to the perfectly chosen cover art.
  2. It All Feels Right – The single released from this album. A song I constantly refer to as “It Feels All Right;” I just can’t get it right. As if all of Washed Out’s songs aren’t, this is a definite jam for driving down the shore. I imagine this song starting off an episode of Laguna Beach, along with the typical shots of the ocean. If only Laguna was still socially relevant..
  3. Don’t Give Up – You can hear a hip hop influence in this track. I definitely relate to this one. I love songs that give you that “how did you know” feeling, but are still fun songs. “Even though that we’re far apart / We’ve come so close and it feels so right / Don’t give up”
  4. Weightless – I didn’t realize until this album how soundtrack-friendly Washed Out’s music is. I honestly don’t think I need to say anything more than that this song would be playing in a movie where two “lovers” just got into a fight and the camera is switching back and forth to both of them pondering on a sleepless night.
  5. All I Know – Hello, The OC soundtrack. See, more soundtrack action! “All I Know” would have to be a favorite of mine. The song sounds familiar, but in the best way possible. Sometimes you hear a song, and it just sounds like the kind of music you like, you know?
  6. Great Escape – While every song on the album incorporates dance-pop melodies, this track seems to have more going on. “Great Escape” is another great example of hip hop influences. You just want to clap to it; definitely a song to see live.
  7. Paracosm – What I would consider a new addition to your study playlist; I even wrote an article while listening to this album the third through.
  8. Falling Back – I personally think this should have been the final track on the album, considering it ends with the birds chirping just as “Entrance” starts off the album. The song starts off with a fantastic (up)beat. Unexpectedly, “Falling Back” even sounds like it could be from a different decade.
  9. All Over Now – One of the few tracks on the album that’s a bit on the sadder side. If I must say so myself, a few 80’s melodies are incorporated in the background. The 80’s always lighten the mood, don’t they?

You can stream the short & sweet 9-track album on Spotify & catch Washed Out live at Union Transfer on September 19!

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