Yuck ‘Middle Sea’ / Single

Original frontman, Daniel Blumberg, may be gone, but Yuck has now released not one, but two killer songs from their next album, Glow & Beyond, without him. Guitarist Max Bloom has taken over vocals for the band. Yuck’s successful releases are a perfect example of how fans, myself included, put too much emphasis on lead singers.

Exhibit A: “What’s up, ladies / My name’s Slim Shady / I’m the lead singer of D12, baby / They’re all like ‘OH MY GOD it’s him’… I could go on FOREVER.

Regardless, Yuck has channeled some serious 90’s style in the new singles. *Fingers crossed the whole album does the same* I personally think Yuck does fantastic things in the name of post-grunge. Not to mention, they seem to be headed more and more in the direction of shoe-gaze as of late, and that’s fine by me. Following ‘Rebirth,’ ‘Middle Sea’ is the most recent release. What do you think?

Glow & Beyond drops on October 1, 2013 on Fat Possum.

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